AcYut 1

Now with new aims came new challenges. And the biggest one of them was funds. However by the dedicated efforts of the Team, BITS-Pilani and the alumni, the team was able to get the required sponsorship.

With the backing of the entire alumni network and the faith of the entire University in their ambitious dream, the Team started ordering the components necessary for the construction and design of AcYut from the United States through various companies.

What followed next was a memorable time for every member of the team. It is still very tough to forget the long days and nights we spent studying various algorithms, selecting the best pieces of codes, correcting our mistakes, surprise at the motor which burnt unexpectedly and the joy at the proper functioning of a particular part. Every member of the team was giving his/her 100 percent just to realize our one, single dream - AcYut : The Imperishable.

AcYut 1 And finally, on the afternoon of 14th March 2008, our dream was realized. BITS Pilani had just given birth to India's first indigenously built humanoid- AcYut-I. We had finally managed to design and construct a humanoid which could walk, fight and even dance to a Bollywood number!

The rookie team went on to participate in RoboGames-2008, the world's largest open robot competition certified by the Guinness Books of World Records. RoboGames invites the best minds from around the world to compete in over 70 different events. Combat robots, walking humanoids, soccer bots, sumo bots, and even androids that do kung-fu

We secured 6th position in the entire competition, wherein more than 250 teams came from around 26 countries throughout the world. RoboGames -2008 was an enriching experience. We learnt a lot more about humanoid designs and the shortcomings of AcYut 1.